TV and Film

Lazy Susan starring Sean Hayes and Allison Janney - Get Up! Give Up! Move On! - 2020 film

Madam Secretary 511 - Sloppy Kiss

aired on CBS January 6, 2019​

Grandfathered 112 starring John Stamos - Tongue

aired on Fox January 26, 2016.

Flash 108 - Sloppy Kiss

aired on CW Dec 2, 2014 

Nashville 204 - Get Up! Give Up! Move On!

aired on ABC Oct. 16, 2013.


Dance Dance Revolution - Get Up! Give Up! Move On! & Bad Taste

XBox video game

Theme song for local Philadelphia show In Bed With Butch

Music for Indie film Straight and Butch

 from Breaking Glass Pictures

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* multiple episodes